Michele Martinez has a new job, trying to rip off the taxpayers

I heard recently that Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez (pictured at left) was out of a job, after resigning from Conquist America, a mortgage company in Santa Ana. I immediately wondered when Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido would find her a new job, now that she is playing ball with him. Well, Thomas Gordon dug up an interesting spreadsheet showing the depth to which the Santa Ana Educators’ Association is involved in trying to raise our taxes.

According to the spreadsheet, the teacher’s union is backing Measure G, the latest bond measure from the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD). And guess who is their “Phone Bank Coordinator?” Michele Martinez (see the graphic above).

Even though the SAUSD bungled the last bond, in more ways than I want to bother recapping here, Martinez is on board this latest effort to increase our property taxes. And she is not the only one. I hear that State Senator Lou Correa is also supporting Measure G. So is Pulido and the entire Santa Ana City Council.

Shame on the lot of them. The problems at SAUSD are not going to be resolved by raising our taxes again. The truth is, the SAUSD is suffering from mismanagement. It has been so for years. And Pulido’s friends have been complicit in this mismanagement.

As for the teacher’s union, clearly they cut a deal with those behind Measure G. I am sure they are angling for a future raise. But they aren’t doing us any favors by pimping a tax increase that we don’t need.

I don’t see how Measure G is going to pass in June. Not with our economy in tatters and so many people in Santa Ana losing their homes to foreclosure. I wonder how many of them got screwed by Michele’s former employer, via bad loans?

The brainless politicians who are backing Measure G instead of calling for accountability at the SAUSD are not going to benefit from their association with this tax increase. This is going to backfire on them, big time.

Vote No on Measure G, and be sure to vote in the Measure G Poll.

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