How can Sal Tinajero and Michele Martinez ignore the latest gang victims in Santa Ana?

Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero’s father was gunned down when Sal was a little boy. It was a tragic, senseless death. You would think that this would have inculcated Sal with compassion for the families of those who die so regularly in Santa Ana due to gang violence. You would be wrong.

To date Sal has NOT said a word about the tragic shooting of a 39 year old father, in front of his two children, a few days ago in Santa Ana. The business owner was caught in a gang crossfire. He died on the spot. The Santa Ana police department has offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the miscreant who shot the victim. But so far the Santa Ana City Council has utterly ignored the incident. They made zero mention of it at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Sal is not the only one who should be wincing at the news of the murder. Councilwoman Michele Martinez, who last year led a peace march against gang violence and who suggest the formation of the EPIC/Gang Commission, actually grew up in gangs. She is said to have been a member of the infamous F Troop gang. She left that life behind. But she too failed to mention the shooting at Monday night’s City Council meeting.

How can Council members like Sal and Michele ignore something that should tear at their very souls? How can they fail to take a stand? How can they ignore the children who saw their father get blown away? And why has no one on the City Council announced a college fund for these young victims?

Could it be true that the Council is ignoring this awful incident because the victim allegedly had a few tattoos? How awful! Who are they to judge this man? I hope to God that this rumor is untrue. This Council needs to address what happened. Mayor Miguel Pulido needs to call a press conference, get up to the podium, stand on a pile of phone books so he can look over the podium, and tell his people that he is sorry a man has lost his life to gang violence. And he then needs to announce a college fund for the two kids who were left behind when their daddy was murdered by a gangbanger.

As for Sal, shame on him. He more than anyone else on the Santa Ana City Council should understand what this family is going through – what those children have ahead of them. And yet he is silent, muzzled by a Mayor who refuses to acknowledge that Santa Ana has a very dire problem indeed.

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