Wow! Democratic Senator Carole Migden fined $350,000 by FPPC

Amazing. The Sac Bee has just reported that the FPPC has “slapped state Sen. Carole Migden and her campaign managers $350,000 for 89 campaign spending and disclosure violations between 2003 and 2007, including illegal personal use of campaign funds.” These transgressions will always be exposed, especially as you engage in your next campaign. $350,000 is surely not “chump change.” To read the entire story simply click on this link.

Juice readers: What message does this conduct send to our children as we ask them to respect our elected officials?

Let me not overlook pointing out that this form of abuse is not limited solely to elected officials with a “D” before or after their names. Why is it that those who should set the bar high seem to feel that they are above the law and/or won’t be caught.

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