School district fires 98 administrators

It has been frustrating watching the Santa Ana Unified School District slip into a bottomless pit, but news came out of Washington, D.C. today that should serve as an inspiration to families in the SAUSD. “Ninety-eight D.C. school system employees were fired yesterday as part of Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee‘s effort to establish a “culture of accountability” by sweeping out unproductive and unneeded workers at the central office.”

Wow! Now that’s what we need to do at SAUSD – clean house of lame administrators! If D.C. can do it, so can we. I hope this will become a campaign issue in the fall elections.

The fired administrators in D.C. were escorted out by police officers and security guards. What I would give to see SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo and her cronies hauled off by the police…

You can read the rest of the D.C. story at this link.

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