Is it really cruel to blow a bubble around an elephant?

Is it cruel to place an elephant inside a huge blow-up bubble? Apparently animal rights activists think so. The Santa Ana Discovery Science Center angered the animal rights lobby when they announced that as part of their annual Bubblefest exhibit they were going to have a fellow blow a gigantic bubble around an actual live elephant, according to the L.A. Times.

But really, is this a cruel thing to do to a rental elephant? I cannot think of any kids that would not be thrilled to have a bubble blown around them. Why is it so horrible to do this to an elephant?

Apparently the idea for this may have come from Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who according to a pajarito, recently waxed poetic at a meeting about elephants. He is said to be a huge fan of the elephant ride at the Santa Ana Zoo.

But Pulido did not come to the defense of the Discovery Science Center as they came under attack from fringe animal lovers. Which is typical of him.

I personally don’t understand this ruckus. I wonder if these animal lovers give a damn about the young people dying in our city as a result of gang violence? Somehow I doubt it. Animals matter more to these folks than people do. Memo to animal rights crazies – animals are NOT humans. Not even close.

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