Hillary’s problem…her husband Bill

I have been saying for quite some time that one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton is in danger of losing her party’s presidential nomination is her philandering husband Bill. Now a newspaper has published an interesting look at just how Bill has ruined Hillary’s campaign. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

It would be the cruelest irony of the presidential campaign: Bill Clinton’s feverish work to get his wife elected president may be ruining her chances.

Texans on Tuesday stand to decide whether Hillary Rodham Clinton’s struggling campaign is resurrected or a lost cause, and it’s remarkable how many view the most successful Democrat in half a century as more damaging to his wife’s presidential campaign than helpful.

“If he had stayed more behind the scenes it would have been helpful to Hillary’s campaign. When he came out hammering, I think that really hurt her,” said Thomas Hanson, a 44-year-old insurance representative in San Antonio.

“We want Hillary! We want Hillary!” came the chants from nearly 1,000 people waiting outside Austin Community College last week for an early voting rally featuring her husband.

“I love Bill Clinton. I had to come see him,” said a chuckling Nathan Williams, 31, a consultant and former congressional aide who has spent a decade immersed in Democratic politics.

“But he really messed up in this campaign. I used to think the biggest mistake Al Gore made in 2000 was not having Bill Clinton campaign for him more, but now I’m thinking Al Gore may have been the smartest person in the world keeping Bill Clinton quiet.”

The ex-president caused an uproar when he dismissed Obama’s victory in South Carolina as no different than Jesse Jackson winning the heavily African-American state in the 1980s. In New Hampshire, Clinton angrily called Obama’s assertion that he long opposed the Iraq war a “fairy tale,” while in Iowa Clinton generated a major distraction from Hillary Clinton by dubiously claiming that he had opposed the war from the start.

“I like Bill Clinton and I never thought he’d be a liability for her, but I really think he has,” said April Smith, a 42-year-old lawyer in San Antonio supporting Obama. “He’s been, I think, overzealous and negative, and the kind of campaigning people are sick of. As much as people may like them, we don’t need a second Clinton presidency.”

Hillary Clinton has lost 11 straight primaries and caucuses, and trails Illinois Sen. Obama in delegates to the point that she would need overwhelmingly wins in Ohio and Texas Tuesday to have a shot at catching up. Even solid wins in both those big states Tuesday Rhode Island and Vermont also are voting could give her an important boost to keep fighting on.

…Obama is drawing strong support among all younger voters, and notably younger Hispanics. Nearly three quarters of Hispanic voters are under age 40, and the generation gap between Obama and Clinton could be decisive in Texas.

The choice, said the former president, is between his wife, a proven change agent, and Obama, who only appears to be the embodiment of change because he’s so new to the scene.

Clinton describes Obama’s argument as, “Vote for me because I have not been there very long. Vote for me because I was not involved in the heroic struggles with the ultra right wing of the Republican Party.”

Across town, longtime Bill Clinton admirer Larry Jackson, 60, paused to consider the ex-president’s impact on the race.

“What’s made me mad is him acting as if we owe him something,” said Jackson. “His wife has been a much better advocate for herself than he has been for her.”

So there you go. I am not the only one pointing the finger at Bill. He has indeed become a liability for Hillary. And his much-ballyhooed legacy is now deflated and limp. Young people in particular have tuned him and Hillary out. Good for them! That is a good sign for the future.

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