Bridges and streetcars to nowhere?

Supervisor Janet Nguyen is catching some heat for proposing a pedestrian bridge for an intersection in Westminster, in the Little Saigon area. She says it is a safety issue and there are state funds available for this.

Our former blogger, Sean Mill, who will be having surgery soon to remove the chip on his shoulder, says the bridge is a waste of money. He is of course a fan of the $748 million streetcar system that his corrupt buddies on the Santa Ana City Council have proposed.

The streetcar system runs from the Santa Ana train station through the crumbling downtown area and then north to the also crumbling downtown in Garden Grove. The downtowns people in the OC really want to go to, in Brea and Fullerton, are not on the route.

You would think that Pulido and company would run the streetcar up Main St., connecting the Artists Village with the museum district in north Santa Ana, and with a major destination – the MainPlace Mall. Of course that might make some sense, which would preclude Pulido and company from supporting it.

So instead the proposed streetcar system will provide the hookers on Harbor Bl. with more clients. And the gangs and taggers will be quite thrilled to have more public property to destroy. But Mill loves that project!

What about the bridge? It likely would not be built for years, so it does not provide much electoral advantage to Nguyen. And if indeed there is a safety issue in that intersection, perhaps the bridge is worthwhile. But I will need to do more research before I decide to back it.

I do know one thing – I am NOT backing the streetcar boondoggle, not as it is currently proposed. And I won’t be backing the upcoming ridiculous school bond measure in Santa Ana either. Mill has been silent on that issue, in case you are wondering.

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