Who will get Claudia Alvarez’ seat on the Council?

If Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez succeeds in becoming a Judge, on the O.C. Superior Court, and this is a big if, she will have to vacate her seat on the Santa Ana City Council. That means that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his crooked Council cabal will be able to appoint someone to finish Alvarez’ term. So who will that be?

We are talking about Ward 5, which is located in the northwest part of the city. It is likely, in my opinion, that Pulido would run Housing and Redevelopment Commissioner Jennifer Villasenor for Ward 5. She has already run for Ward 6, twice, and she was on the list of nominees for Ward 1, last year, when Pulido appointed Vince Sarmiento to replace Jose Solorio, who moved on to the State Assembly. If Pulido appoints Villasenor to Ward 5, it would be the third ward she has been involved in as a political candidate.

I wonder if that would tie Villasenor with Zeke Hernandez, who ran for the City Council many, many times, in just about every ward, and never won.

I can’t think of anyone else that Pulido would consider for this ward. There are several people who would consider running for the open seat, but Pulido would not likely support any of them.

I am told that the deadline for the open judge seats in Orange County is coming up soon. Will Claudia get appointed? Will Pulido appoint Villasenor? Will she move into Ward 5 in time? We will know soon, maybe by the end of the week.


I received an email from Ms. Villasenor. She says she was not a candidate for Ward 1. But she did not indicate what her plans are for Ward 5. I suppose that really depends on whether Alvarez becomes a judge, which is of course a nightmarish prospect.

Sorry we goofed on the Ward 1 part of this story! I thought Villasenor was one of the candidates, but I am not sure how to even get a list of the candidates who were considered. I do know that Tim Whitacre, who advised Villasenor during her campaign, was one of those punked when Pulido opted to appoint Vince Sarmiento.

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