What does Hillary mean when she talks about Obama’s experience?

What does Hillary Clinton mean when she talks about having more experience than Senator Barack Obama? It is true that she is older. And she slept in the White House for a few years. But aside from that she certainly has not done much more in the U.S. Senate than Obama has. Could she be hinting at something else?

The fact is, Obama is the same age as Hillary’s husband was when he was first elected President. So let’s put aside this silly experience attack. I think Hillary is up to something entirely different. When she says Obama lacks experience, that is code for “he is black and cannot do the job.” And that is a thought we all ought to repudiate.

Obama is a very accomplished individual who excelled in law school and who has fought his way to the top via state politics. He is a seasoned veteran and I am sure that as President he would surround himself with capable individuals. Whatever he lacks in “experience” would be nullified by the advisers that Obama would go to on the tough issues. I am certain he would do just fine.

Hillary on the other hand has had to lean on her husband quite a bit during this campaign. He has been the hatchet man – and his attacks on Obama have been so odious and overbearing that he had to apologize this weekend, in a series of appearances at churches in Los Angeles. If Hillary loses, her husband will bear a lot of the blame.

Obama has already caught up with Hillary in California. And now he is gaining ground in New York and New Jersey. “The New York senator bests her Illinois counterpart 53 percent to 39 percent in New York. Just two weeks ago she had led him 51 percent to 25 percent.” (Newsday).

“Clinton’s margin is even narrower in neighboring New Jersey, where she received 48 percent of voters’ support to Obama’s 43 percent.”

And “The CNN/Opinion Research survey puts Obama’s support among registered Democrats at 49%. Clinton’s support: 46%. The margin of error: +/-4.5 percentage points.” (USA Today).

It sure looks like Obama is going to trash Hillary tomorrow. Then he will be able to say that he is now experienced in punking tired politicians who have nothing new to say.

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