Trannies violate free speech again, this time at a college

The followers of Assemblyman Van Tran, whom we call the “Trannies,” love to protest anytime anything or anyone refers to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Their antics are flat-out un-American. Our country was built on free speech. Bullying folks because they display the flag of Vietnam is just ridiculous and we ought not put up with that.

Now the Trannies have once again violated the First Amendment. This time they forced Irvine Valley College to remove a “144-flag display in the school atrium because the Vietnamese community threatened a protest over inclusion of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam flag.” (L.A. Times)

Let them protest! If they got out of hand the college would have been within its rights to have the lot of them arrested!

Here are a few more excerpts from the L.A. Times:

The miniature flags, designed to symbolize the school’s diversity, have been on display for a decade without controversy. All were removed last week after threats protesters would disrupt the campus if the Vietnam flag wasn’t removed.

Westminster Councilman Andy Quach and Garden Grove Councilwoman Dina Nguyen had met with college officials after receiving calls complaining about the flag.

Nguyen says, “It’s offensive because this flag represents a regime that is very dictatorial and does not respect human rights.”

Is that right Dina? Well, you and the rest of the Trannies don’t respect our rights to free speech! If anyone is dictatorial it is Van Tran!

Here’s a few questions – did the flag display feature China’s flag? The Chinese commies have killed far more innocents than their counterparts in Vietnam. Did the display feature the Australian flag? The Australians massacred the Aborigines. Was their flag displayed? The Americans slaughtered the Native Americans – and stole the Southwest from Mexico. Should the U.S. flag be displayed?

The Trannies need to get over themselves. They are not in Vietnam anymore. They are in the U.S. – and in this country we tolerate ideas we don’t like and we allow folks to express them. If the Trannies don’t like that, too bad! Shame on Irvine Valley College for allowing the corrupt Trannies to bully them into submission!

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