Tinajero’s pick for the SAUSD school board

Cecilia Aguinaga is running again for the Santa Ana Unified School District’s board of education. You may recall that in 2006 she lost to Audrey Noji, which was astounding since Noji is so hated. Aguinaga fell apart towards the end when she fired her campaign manager and when we found out that her kids were sent to private schools.

Now she is holding a fundraiser and guess what? The guest speakers include despicable Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero, who was part of the fraudulent Measure D campaign. Well, I guess we now know where Aguinaga stands. If Tinajero is a friend of hers I will definitely be voting for someone else for school board.

By the way, why the heck is she bringing the Mayor of San Juan Capistrano to speak at her event? Who in Santa Ana knows who this guy is? How odd.

I bet she supports the new school bond too. No se puede Cecilia!

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