Spurgeon clock tower being repaired thanks to Tim Rush

Santa Ana neighborhood activist Tim Rush deserves accolades for his efforts with regard to restoring the famed clock on the Spurgeon tower in Santa Ana. According to the L.A. Times, ” His passion led the city’s Redevelopment Agency to allocate $5,000 to repair the clock.”

The building is located at 206 W. 4th St. “City code enforcement officials discovered dozens of people, mostly artists, living in the commercial building. The illegal dwellers were eventually cleared out. The building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is being renovated for office space.”

Renegade artists crashing in a building illegally? Is that part of the Artists Village concept?

According to Rush, the owners of the building, “refused to allow historical society members access to the building to maintain the clock.” Sure enough, when a “man who checked the progress of the work this week, and who said he was one of the owners, said clock maintenance “fell through the cracks.”

Well, hopefully the owners won’t allow the clock to fall into disrepair again. Kudos to Rush and the other members of the Santa Ana Historical Society for getting the clock fixed.

As an aside, Rush has been pilloried on this blog by our former blogger Sean Mill. Some of that criticism is legitimate, as Rush has been overly active in calling code enforcement on his mostly Latino neighbors, but in this instance Rush did a good thing and he deserved to be congratulated. I seriously doubt however that Mill will join in the applause…

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