Measure D winning with half the votes counted

About half the votes in Santa Ana have been counted. The No on Measure D campaign has picked up some ground, but the Yes side is still leading by just over ten percent.

I wonder how folks will feel when they find out that developers funded the Measure D campaign – the same campaign that promised to stop the developers?

I think the No side will get closer before this is done. But the Yes side looks like it has prevailed. That means Claudia Alvarez will be able to run for a third term in November. However, she won’t get a free pass.

Irene Ibarra, a very successful businesswoman who worked for the City of Santa Ana years ago, has told me that she will definitely be taking on Alvarez. Ibarra won’t have any problem raising money. And she already has the support of leading Democrats throughout California. One way or another, we will finish off Alvarez…

The No on Measure D campaign has nothing to be ashamed about. We were outspent by the Pulido hacks behind Measure D by ten to one. What they paid per vote was unimaginable. But now there is a huge coalition in Santa Ana that is opposed to Pulido and our dirty City Council. We just need to keep working and start collecting signatures for our own ballot measures…

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