Measure D mailer is a pack of lies!

A thoroughly bogus mailer has been issued by the Measure D campaign, very late in the game. I have reproduced it below. The lies put forth by Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his council hacks are incredible.

These people are actually proud of their ridiculous slogan “Measure D is for Democracy!” What a complete absurdity! Not one Santa Ana community leader has contributed to Measure D. All of their money has come from the very special interests they are complaining about on their mailer.

I don’t think folks are going to fall for these lies. In fact I know that the O.C. Register is going to slam the Measure D campaign in tomorrows paper. The L.A. Times has already blistered them in today’s paper, as previously reported here in the Orange Juice.

Tomorrow we can walk one more time and let our neighbors and friends know just how fraudulent the Measure D campaign is. Vote No on Measure D!

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