Guess who’s reading the Orange Juice?

The Law Firm of Rutan & Tucker has suddenly taken a hot interest in the Orange Juice. They have been on and off our site all day long since Thomas Gordon posted his latest story about Dana Point City Attorney Patrick Munoz, who famously gave Thomas, and the residents of Santa Ana’s Logan Neighborhood, the finger while attending a community meeting. Munoz works for Rutan & Tucker.

And just a few minutes ago I received a phone call from Doug Irving, a reporter with the O.C. Register. Looks like Doug is working on a story about Munoz. Uh-oh! I heard the L.A. Times is also looking into Munoz.

I think city attorneys ought to behave themselves in public. Giving folks the finger is a major no-no. Telling folks that we ought to “get rid off all the crummy little houses and make Logan completely industrial” is even worse! You can read Thomas’ post about Munoz statements at this link.

Looks like it is time for damage control at Rutan & Tucker.

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