Fake teacher says Measure D is for “democracy!”

I posted earlier today that the Measure D cabal had not yet spent any of their ill-gotten money. However, the D campaign finally got their act together today and they unveiled their first attack – a ridiculous fraudulent robo-call. Here is what Gustavo Arellano, over at the OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog, had to say about the call:

I’m confused. Supporters of SanTana’s Measure D–which seeks to extend term limits for councilmembers from two four year-terms to three–say the initiative is necessary
to curb the power of special interests and developers, a lie we already exposed. But today comes word that SanTana voters are being flooded with a robocall by a Santa Ana school teacher (can’t make out the name, but it sounds like Marie) claiming that Measure D “is critically important to ensure ethical and accountable leadership in City Hall.” Then the ringer:

Measure D, for Democracy


Click here to respond to Gustavo’s post and to listen to an audio clip of the robocall.

Thomas Gordon spoke to the folks at the Santa Ana Educators’ Association previously and they assured him that they were NOT going to get involved in Measure D. Why would they? This bogus measure has NOTHING to do with education! Please call Dr. David Barton, the president of the SAEA, at 714-542-6758, and ask him to repudiate the Measure D robo calls. Vote No on Measure D!

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