Democrats should let the L.A. DTS votes count!

Our friends at the Liberal OC are asking their readers to sign a petition urging California Democratic Party Chair Art Torres to “count all of the ballots that were cast by Decline to State voters who voted in the February 5, 2008 Democratic Party Presidential Primary. ” Amen!

You might recall that the Democratic Party of California encouraged DTS voters to ask for a Democratic Party ballot and vote in the Democratic Party Presidential Primary held on February 5th. That is why I was able to vote for Barack Obama.

However, those efforts will be wasted if all of the votes in Los Angeles are not counted due to a confusing requirement to check a box confirming their intent to vote in the Democratic Primary when they had been given a Democratic Primary ballot.

It really is simple. Torres will anger thousands of DTS (decline to state) voters in L.A. if he wastes their votes. They will turn around and get even by voting for John McCain in November. Hopefully Torres is too smart to make such a dumb mistake!

You can sign the online petition by clicking here.

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