CNN moderators ask candidates about the border fence yet fail to question NAFTA Superhighway

For over a year I have received emails discussing a “stealth” transportation project in which a NAFTA Superhighway is allegedly under construction. This road, four football fields wide, will cross the USA in the South at Loredo, Texas and terminate north of Deluth, Minn. It will consist of Interstate 35 along with Interstates 29 and 94. A related future road is listed as Interstate I-69.

A non-profit organization NASCO, North America SuperCorridor Coalition Inc., refutes the validity of this activity on their web site.

As this latest Democratic debate was held in Texas, and whereas they did ask both candidates to give their plans for the border fence and resolving the immigration issue, I was surprised that this alleged Superhighway was not discussed. All three of the leading candidates for president currently serve in the US Senate. As investing in our infrastructure was one of the suggestions offered as a partial answer on getting out of the current recession, they surely should be able to refute or confirm the existence of this transportation myth or fact.

Here is one web site that goes into great detail on this roadway:

Following is the NASCO site referenced above.

Juice readers: What are your thoughts about this NAFTA Superhighway?

During 90 minutes of last nights debate, should the moderators have included a question on this road to clear the air?

The sad part of the story is that I have met homeowners whose properties are being taken under “eminent domain” powers in Texas.

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