Ware Disposal and Mike Harrah donate thousands to the Measure D campaign!

The money keeps rolling in to the Yes on Measure D campaign. They are now up to $84,000. Today’s late filings included:

  • Ware Disposal – $10,000
  • Madison Materials – $10,000
  • Caribou Industries (Developer Mike Harrah) – $5,000
  • Santa Ana Police Officers PAC – $4,000

We already reported that developer Robert Bisno has contributed $40,000 to the Yes on D campaign, and the Santa Ana Firemen’s Union has contributed $5,000 to the Yes on D campaign.

Why did the Santa Ana policemen and firemen get involved? Because they both got big raises from Pulido and the City Council last year! Can you say “Quid pro Quo?” It is just plain unethical that these unions can fund Pulido and his cabal, and then the very same politicians turn around and give the unions big raises. That stinks!

Don’t forget that Santa Ana Council Member Sal Tinajero and Mayor Miguel Pulido are both signers of the Yes on D argument. Let’s revisit that argument and see what it has to say about the powerful special interests that are funding the Yes on D campaign (My comments follow each of the Yes on D lies):

  • Santa Ana City Officials and community leaders representing Santa Ana

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