Trannies dump Trung and switch to Dina

The Trannies have conceded that Trung Nguyen is finished, with word of his bankruptcy having exploded in the local Vietnamese press, by recruiting another damaged candidate, Dina Nguyen, to run against incumbent First District Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

I am told that Dina, who is on the Garden Grove City Council, is also, allegedly, Westminster Council Member Andy Quach’s new girlfriend. He apparently dumped his previous paramour, Roxanne Chow, after putting her on the Westminster Planning Commission.

Dina has been on the Garden Grove City Council for less than one year. Supervisor Nguyen has worked in politics for years, for both Supervisors and an Assemblyman, and she served on the Garden Grove for a few years before ascending to the Board of Supervisors. Dina cannot hold a candle to Supervisor Nguyen. That she has even filed to run is a big joke.

In related news, Total Buzz blogger Martin Wisckol broke the story that there will not be a revote in February at the OC GOP Central Committee meeting. The OC GOP Chairman, Scott Baugh, has decided that the matter is too controversial. Supervisor Nguyen will have to wait until the spring and go through the normal endorsement process, instead of getting an early endorsement.

Shame on the Trannies for undermining Supervisor Nguyen. She has done a great job. They are just sore because they are power-hungry, greedy, and corrupt. They don’t care about serving the public. They just want to accrue power and hire their buddies. But now they have to explain why they tried to foist Trung Nguyen on us, despite his financial disasters.

So who is Dina Nguyen? According to the State Bar, she has been a lawyer since 2004. You can read her bio here. It mentions three children, but says nothing about their father, or fathers. So that is a bit of a mystery.

Dina only got just over 20% of the vote when she won her council seat in Nov., 2006. That does not say much for her purported popularity. When Janet ran for the Garden Grove City Council in 2004, she was the top vote-getter, and she garnered a higher percentage of the vote than Dina did in 2006. You can read her bio at this link.

I would imagine that Garden Grove residents are rather tweaked that Dina is already running for another office. She may not get reelected to her Council seat if she keeps this up! She surely has no shot against Supervisor Nguyen, the accomplished incumbent who appears to have her victory in the bag, as the Trannies collapse on themselves.

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