Pulido appoints Gang of Three to "T.V. task force"

Bad news came today from the O.C. Register, which reported that “Mayor Miguel Pulido said he intends to appoint council members Sal Tinajero, Vincent Sarmiento and Claudia Alvarez to the new television task force. Not one of them supported an earlier attempt to put all council meetings back on television.”

Wow. This just goes to prove that nothing will be done before the Feb. 5 election. Clearly all of these Council members need to go. We can speed this along by voting No on Measure D. That will retire Alvarez, at the end of the year, due to term limits. It will also prevent the rest of them from running for a third term.

Until then, rest assured that we, and our ally George Collins, will continue to scrutinize every move made by the Santa Ana City Council. They can run from us, but they can’t hide.

Does it matter if all of the City Council meetings are televised? Here’s another excerpt from the O.C. Register article about the last Council meeting, “The television debate began in September, when the council decided to start using the second meeting of every month as a study session on big issues. Since then, council members have talked about a sweeping plan to redevelop the downtown core, and a plan to install a streetcar system

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