Prevatt and Mill promise to "Bring Back Tom!"

VILLA PARK – The bloggers at the Liberal OC Blog, led by ex-Orange County resident Chris Prevatt, announced a plan today, in at Tom Umberg’s home in Villa Park, to recruit him to run again for the First Supervisorial District, against incumbent Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who made history last year when she became the first Vietnamese American to serve on the O.C. Board of Supervisors.

“We really need to put another white guy on the O.C. Board of Supervisors,” said Prevatt, who moved to the City of Long Beach last year. “Why do we need two women on the Board? That is one too many,” he added.

Prevatt also took issue with Nguyen for another reason, “Let’s face it – she is not a white American. Everyone knows the Democratic Party of Orange County prefers white male candidates.” “Now that we lost Joe Dunn, we need to recruit Tom Umberg. He is as white and as male as it gets!” added Prevatt.

When Prevatt was asked about the fact that last year Umberg was a carpet bagger, he replied,”Who cares? Everyone knows the people in the First District are mostly Mexicans and Vietnamese. They don’t know what the Hell they are doing. Obviously we need to import another white guy to lead them – and Tom is our guy!”

Prevatt, was joined by Sean Mill, another Liberal OC blogger, during the press conference announcing the “Bring Back Tom” campaign. Mill, a Santa Ana resident, was asked how he felt about “bringing back Tom.”

“I think that Tom is the next best thing to Joe Dunn,” said Mill. “They are both white males – and they are both Democrat lawyers – clearly that makes them preferred candidates compared to some Asian lady who is a Republican.”

Mill was reminded that the Supervisors serve on a non-partisan basis. “That is a bunch of B.S.,” said Mill, who added that “we intend to make this a fully partisan exercise…with Tom, a Democrat, as our white male candidate.”

Prevatt was then reminded that he, like Mill, used to be a Republican. “So what,” said Prevatt, adding “Now I am not, but Nguyen still is – so she has to go!”

When Mill and Prevatt were asked what Supervisor Nguyen has done to earn their wrath, Prevatt replied first, “not only is she a Republican, she is also a woman – and she is a minority. That just won’t work for us.” Mill then gave Prevatt a “high five,” which inadvertently knocked him off his stool.

Prevatt was also asked if he is bitter because he ran for the Garden Grove City Council, in 2000, but he lost, whereas Nguyen won when she ran for the Garden Grove City Council in 2004. “Hell yes I am jealous of her!” shouted Prevatt, who had to be restrained from attacking the reporter, by Mill.

Mill and Prevatt were also asked how they planned to win with Umberg, when he lost so spectacularly to Nguyen last year. “This time we are going to shave our heads and tattoo “we love Tom” on our scalps,” said Mill. “That should do the trick,” added Prevatt, as he nodded his head and stroked his goatee.

Umberg showed up to the press conference too, but he wandered off to watch an adjacent High School Cheerleading competition. A reporter reminded him that he is married and he smiled as he replied, “that never stopped me before!”

The press conference abruptly ended as Umberg’s wife, Robin, chased after him while carrying a large cardboard representation of Umberg…

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