Obama nets more delegates than Clinton, in Nevada & McCain wins in S.C.

Barack Obama did it again, netting 13 delegates to Hillary Clinton’s 12, in the Nevada Caucuses. He also got 45% of the votes, compared to Clinton’s 51%. Poor John Edwards. He came in at 4%. He certainly appears to be done. I hope he pulls out before the South Carolina primary – and hopefully he will endorse Obama.

I was deeply disappointed that 2/3 of Latino voters in Nevada backed Hillary. I guess all those taco eating missions paid off for “La Clintonista.” Wake up Latino voters in California – Hillary is NOT your friend!

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney won in Nevada. Yawn. None of the other GOP candidates gave Nevada a shot. But look who came in second…Ron Paul! He picked up four delegates in the process, while Rudy Giuliani picked up one delegate. Congressman Duncan Hunter also got one delegate. And then he promptly backed out of the race. Does anyone know why he was even in the race to begin with?

And John McCain won in South Carolina. This really puts him in the catbird seat going into the Florida primary. McCain netted 33% of the vote, to Mike Huckabee’s 30%. Fred Thompson came in third at a distant 16%. He, like John Edwards, appears to be done. And Giuliani only got 2% of the vote! Ron Paul got TWICE as many votes!

Giuliani has been banking on a good showing in Florida. But his poor showing up until now may have doomed his candidacy. He may limp into Super Tuesday…and get finished off as Huckabee, Romney and McCain slug it out. I expect at this point that McCain will ultimately be the GOP nominee when the smoke clears.

As for the Democrats, Obama heads to South Carolina with victory in his grasp. It is quite possible that Edwards will pull out this week and pass his baton to Obama. A poor showing by Clinton will put her on her heels as Super Tuesday looms. I think Obama has a great shot at beating her and ultimately becoming the Democratic nominee.

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