More ways to stop the Space Commander!

If you have been trying to email the State Senators to ask them to reject the nomination of Santa Ana Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante to the Fair Employment & Housing Commission, here are a few emails you can use to contact the Senators:

Senate Rules Committee

Senate District 9

Chair- Don Perata-D

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4009

LA-OFFICE 213-620-3000

Senate District 22

Member- Gil Cedillo-D housing/immigration

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4022

LA-OFFICE 213-612-9566

Senate District 20

Member- Alex Padilla-D housing

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4020

LA-OFFICE 818-901-5588

Rules Committee

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4120

Democratic Caucus-other members (except Latino Caucus and Rules and Orange County)

Senate District 2

Patricia Wiggins

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4002

Senate District 3

Carole Migden housing/civil rights

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4003

Senate District 5

Mike Machado

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4005

Senate District 6

Darrell Steinberg civil rights/economic development

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4006

Senate District 7

Tom Torlakson housing

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4007

Senate District 8

Leland Yee housing/civil rights

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4008

Senate District 10

Ellen Corbett womans/economic development

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4010

Senate District 11

Joe Simitian economic development

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4011

Senate District 13

Elaine Alquist sena

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4013

Senate District 21

Jack Scott economic development

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4021

LA-OFFICE 626-683-0282

Senate District 23

Shiela Kuehl employment/womans/civil rights

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4023

LA-OFFICE 310-441-9084

Senate District 25

Edward Vincent economic development

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4025

LA-OFFICE 310-412-0393

Senate District 26

Mark Ridley-Thomas employment

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4026

LA-OFFICE 213-745-6656

Senate District 27

Alan Lowenthal housing

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4027

LA-OFFICE 562-495-4766

Senate District 39

Christine Kehoe housing/civil rights

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4039

SD-OFFICE 619-645-3133

Latino Caucus

Senate District 16

Dean Florez employment

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4016

Senate District 24

Gloria Romero employment/housing

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4024

LA-OFFICE 323-881-0100

Senate District 28

Jenny Oropeza womans

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4028

LA-OFFICE 310-318-6994

Senate District 30

Ron Calderon economic development

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4030

LA-OFFICE 323-890-2790

Senate District 32

Gloria Negrete McLeod employment

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4032

LA/SB-OFFICE 909-621-2783

Senate District 40

Denise Moreno Ducheny housing/womans

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4040

SD-OFFICE 619-409-7690

Orange County Members

Senate District 34

Lou Correa-Latino Caucus housing

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4034

OC-OFFICE 714-558-4400

Senate District 35

Tom Harman-R

SAC-OFFICE 916-651-4040

SD-OFFICE 619-409-7690

We can stop the Space Commander! But not if you don’t reach out to the Senators and let them know what a creep he is!

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