Gov Schwarzenegger undermines Republicans again. Now supports Prop 93

Prop 93, appearing on the Feb 5th Ballot as a fix for current Term Limits, is a clever scam to extend the terms of office for Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and Senate President Don Perata. who will be out of office this year if the Measure fails.

As campaign literature clearly points out this is a sham. It’s a clever scheme to extend their terms of office. “they don’t want to give up their power.”

Three weeks before the February 5th Primary election governor Schwarzenegger demonstrates how far out of touch he has traveled away from the principles of our party which opposes this Measure. He previously indicated opposition of the Measure and now flips. We have grown accustomed to his departure from our party so this is not a total surprise.

At the present time you can serve six years in the Assembly and eight years in the Senate. Prop 93 would enable them to spend 12 years in the same house, which may not include service to date.

Larry Gilbert recommends a NO vote on Prop 93 and hope that you agree.

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