Thomas Gordon removed from EPIC/Gang Commission despite public uproar

What a night. I really did not expect much from the Santa Ana Council Members at tonight’s City Council meeting, which was a good thing as the results were rather dismal.

As expected, a ton of people showed up to speak on behalf of our co-blogger, Thomas Gordon. They included Art Lomeli, who owns a very successful dental practice in downtown Santa Ana; Tish Leon, a Parks and Recreation Commissioner; Julie Stroud, who serves with Tish on the Parks and Recreation Commission; Nelida Yanez, who ran for the City Council last year; George Collins, who also ran for the City Council last year, and who filmed the meeting; and many, many others, including our former co-blogger Ryan Trabuco, who is on ETAC. Trabuco’s fellow ETAC Commissioner, who also used to write for us, Claudio Gallegos, also showed up to speak on Thomas’ behalf.

But it was all for naught. Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero sat there and said nothing. Then, when the people were done protesting, he moved the motion and Claudia seconded it. Only one Council Member voted against the motion – Councilwoman Michele Martinez. There was no discussion. Obviously they had made their decision before the meeting even started. And just like that Thomas was a former Commissioner – and the new leader of the Santa Ana revolution.

Later in the evening, the Council fumbled again when Martinez brought up her 85 A agenda item, which would have compelled the City of Santa Ana to film all of it’s City Council meetings, and place them on an online searchable archive.

The comments from the City Council were laughable! Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido explained that he was against the measure because the Council is full of young people who get nervous in front of the camera. Of course they were not nervous when Collins filmed their last two “Study Session” meetings.

Councilman Vince Sarmiento also spoke up. He said that holding all the Council meetings in Chambers is too rigid. He said that it would be nice for the City Council to take field trips. Can’t they just to go neighborhood association meetings if that is what they want to do?

And Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez went off! She explained that the reason the City does not have its meetings online is that we don’t have the technology to do this. Of course I explained later that Collins does this IN HIS HOME, on his website.

And I explained that the City of Albuquerque has won awards for the way they stream their council meetings. They do not use outside vendors to put the meetings online. And they only spent about $5,000 to put their meetings online.

But Pulido and company voted not to televise all of their council meetings. Cowards.

Interestingly, the only public citizen who called for Thomas’ ouster and who spoke out against Martinez’ agenda item was wife-beater Stanley Fiala. He was ecstatic of course. How sad that on an evening when so many city leaders showed up to petition the Council, Pulido and company ended up doing the will of a complete nut case.

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