Rocco’s career may be over next year

There is an interesting story in the Greater Orange News Service blog. Apparently the Orange Unified School District Board of Education is trying to gerrymander their districts so that the insane Steve Rocco is cut out of his current district, effectively ending his political career.

Some folks are upset about that. Not me. Rocco never should have been elected in the first place. He won because some Republicans voted for him rather than vote for a Democrat. I hope they’re happy. He has been an utter embarrassment and a totally useless Trustee. He ought to run for the Santa Ana City Council. He would fit right in…

Here is an excerpt from the Greater Orange News Service article:

Under Scenario 3, just in time for the November 2008 Election, the boundary change would take Steve Rocco out of Area 6 and place him in Ledesma

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