Red & Blue County Blogs pile on Janet Nguyen, again

The folks at the Red and Blue County blogs are bashing O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen again. Yawn. This time they are perturbed because apparently one of her staffers was funded by the O.C. Health Care Agency.

I called Supervisor Nguyen to find out what this was all about. She said that when she first took office, she had to do so in a hurry. She had only one staffer, so the County CEO, Tom Mauk, found a way to transfer some help from the Health Care Agency.

Since then Supervisor Nguyen has discovered that health care is a huge issue in her district. Apparently over half of the County’s Caloptima members are in the First District. But while Supervisor Nguyen is an alternate on the O.C. Caloptima Board, she has not been able to join it as a full member. For some reason, Supervisor John Moorlach is on the board, even though his district does not have nearly as many constituents who are serviced by Caloptima.

This issue is yet another non-issue that Supervisor Nguyen’s enemies on the right and the left are blathering about. But there might be a stranger issue for them to consider.

A pajarito called me earlier today to tell me that O.C. Supervisor Chris Norby has apparently gotten a divorce, after less than one year of marriage. Hey, that happens. But the weird part is that he is purportedly living in his office! The Supervisor’s offices each have a shower. Those don’t get much use, except, as chisme has it, in Norby’s case. From what I heard, he actually filed a complaint because the shower was not producing hot water!

But that’s not all. The same pajarito chirped that Norby was allegedly found, by police officers, visibly inebriated on the steps of the old County Courthouse the other day. At least he wasn’t driving!

Norby is of course the Supervisor who has been questioning Supervisor Nguyen about her staffers. What’s that saying about the pot calling the kettle black? Or not throwing stones if you live in a glass house?

If these tales are true, I hope that Norby gets his act together. And I hope that the folks at the Red and Blue County blogs give Supervisor Nguyen a break. Not sure which of those potential outcomes is actually possible at this point.


If, and I do mean if, Norby is sleeping in his office, then he is NOT maintaining a residence in his own district. You could say that the First District now has two Supervisors. If that is the case, this could have major repercussions. If a Supervisor does not maintain a residence in his district for at least 90 consecutive days, his seat is considered vacated. Moreover, if the First District now has two Supervisors, then perhaps some of Norby’s budget should be allocated to the First District, thereby making the HCA money unnecessary.

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