OCYR’s endorse Supervisor Janet Nguyen for reelection

A pajarito told me tonight that the Orange County Young Republicans endorsed O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen for reelection at their meeting this evening. That is no surprise, as her only GOP contender, Trung Nguyen, has no chance whatsoever next year. He is only in the race to act as a spoiler as the Trannies hope he will hand victory to whatever Democrat ends up challenging Janet next year.

The OCYR’s also endorsed Supervisor Bill Campbell for reelection. I don’t understand that move. He failed miserably by opposing the O.C. Measure D, which ended up backfiring when the recent firestorm roared through Santiago Canyon. The O.C. Fire Authority simply did not have enough equipment to fight the fire. They would have if Measure D had passed.

Campbell also endorsed disgraced O.C. Treasurer Chriss Street and indicted O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona last year. And he now is on the hook for the bad news that some of Street’s investments could well force Orange County into bankruptcy – again. Campbell also voted for the dreadful O.C. public employee’s pension spike.

I hope someone ends up challenging Campbell. He really needs to go away. But I am happy that the OCYR’s endorsed Janet. She is one of the top rising stars in the O.C. GOP.

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