What has the Santa Ana City Council done to deserve four more years in office?

The Santa Ana City Council voted this week to give themselves another four years in office, for a total of 12 years, by placing a fraudulent term limits measure on February’s ballot. And of course they removed mayoral term limits from the measure. But do these people deserve another four years in office?

Let’s take a look at their priorities this year:

And what is going on in the city during their watch?

And what about our illustrious Mayor, Miguel “Porfirio” Pulido?

And these people want FOUR MORE YEARS in office? And NO TERM LIMITS on our Mayor?

Good grief! Thank God the Orange Juice is here to catalog their woeful record.

Be sure to tell all your neighbors, family and friends in the city to vote no on the fraudulent term limits measure in February. And vote no on the bogus “Code of Conduct,” which will do nothing to stop the City Council and our Mayor from continuing to destroy our city, but will in fact be used to try to silence some of the writers on this blog, including me.

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