Schroeder spins a lame defense for Carona

O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona’s devious handler, Mike Schroeder, is still hiding in Amsterdam, but apparently he emailed his response to Carona’s indictment, which appeared in today’s O.C. Register. Schroeder acknowledges that Carona hired two criminals as his assistant Sheriffs, which casts Carona’s judgment in a pretty harsh light.

“This case is based entirely on the simple “say so” of two convicted felons who have every reason to lie both because they are receiving a “get out of the jail free” card in return for giving the prosecutor the testimony he desires, and they both hate Carona.”

Gee Mikey, why do you think they hate Carona? Could it be that Carona, up until this week, got away with it while one of them, George Jaramillo, ended up in jail? Lucky for us that Jaramillo kept meticulous notes of all the crimes he and Carona were involved in.

Schroeder even knocks Jaramillo for having a mistress, but didn’t Carona’s mistress get indicted too? Schroeder appears to have selective memory.

How about this line from Schroeder, “Haidl has been embittered because Carona refused to interfere to prevent his son Gregory Haidl’s prosecution.” Who is Schroeder kidding? Everyone knows that Carona ran interference for the Haidl family. But the junior Haidl was impossible to defend as he was such a creep.

Schroeder’s last line is inadvertently hilarious, “The sheriff should remain in his office to continue the good works.” GOOD WORKS? ROFLMAO! If “good works” include hanging out with mobsters, cheating on your wife, accepting bribes, arranging for your friends to profit from the deaths of deputies…

I am glad Schroeder wrote this ridiculous defense of our criminal Sheriff. Now everyone knows just how morally corrupt Schroeder is too.

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