Pulido and his cabal pushing for another luxury condo tower in Santa Ana

Here we go again. The O.C. Register is reporting that “A 31-story residential tower planned near MainPlace mall would increase traffic on surrounding streets and cast a long shadow over nearby homes, according to a draft review of the project.”

The developer of this tower told me that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido told him that “we need” this tower. No we don’t!

“The proposed Sky Lofts development…would bring more people into an area already struggling with overcrowded schools, inadequate parks and bottleneck intersections.”

It is already impossible to travel southbound on Main St. during rush hour. Can you imagine how much worse that will be with this dumb tower going up? Moreover, are we not suffering from a water shortage right now? Why build more towers and bring more people into our city? This plan is just crazy!

And why would wealthy people want to buy these luxury condos, when Santa Ana has the WORST school district in Orange County, the highest water prices, and roads from Hell? Not to mention not enough parks and only one public library. The real estate market is also in the dumps. So why would folks want to overpay for these luxury condos when they can buy nicer condos in better areas of Orange County? Do they know a man was beat to death at Santiago Park just a few months ago? Or that Santiago Park has been tagged by graffiti vandals many times over the last few years?

This move will backfire for Pulido and his cabal. Residents of north Santa Ana used to be reliable votes for this crooked bunch. But Pulido and his council puppets have taken in thousands of dollars from developers. Once the people find out that their Councilmen have been bought off by developers, they won’t be very happy about it.

This is bad news in particular for Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante. He represents the Park Santiago neighborhood, which is in ward 3. This is the neighborhood that will be affected by the proposed tower. It won’t take much to beat the Space Commander once folks find out how much money he has received from the tower’s developer.

Projects like this are going to bring Pulido and company down…

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