Is Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante going to call the SAPD on the Orange Juice?

Are you sitting down? Here is a Halloween tale you won’t believe. You may recall that a week or so ago I got a call from a Santa Ana police detective.

Apparently some anonymous poster made a crack about Stanley Fiala, the deranged wife-beater who has run for Mayor several times. The poster said something about going after Stanley the way “that Russian spy” was taken care of. I believe that was an allusion to a former Russian spy who was poisoned in England about a year ago.

The post was CLEARLY in jest. But Stanley called Paul Walters, the Chief of the Santa Ana Police Department. Now you would think that Walters would tell crazy Fiala to take a hike. But no, he had a detective call me, Thomas Gordon, Sean Mill and Claudio Gallegos.

I spoke to the detective and he laughed at Stanley. He as much as said that Fiala is nuts. But he also said that he had to file a report.

Well, yesterday Santa Ana Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante called our co-blogger Sean Mill, and he proceeded to whine and complain in a long conversation with Mill. Apparently he has been getting many calls since Sean Mill posted Bustamante’s phone number this past week.

I wonder if Bustamante will now call the SAPD too, as Fiala did? How in the heck is any of this worthy of a police investigation? Apparently some unknown character has been calling Bustamante, and the Space Commander thinks he is from Berkeley. Somehow in the Space Commander’s twisted little mind, Mill went to UC Berkeley, but in reality he went to UCI.

We live in a town where the SAPD routinely ignore calls from residents who have witnessed DUIs, hit and runs, beatings, and graffiti. Those calls go ignored, but apparently ANY call regarding our blog merits an instant investigation. How can they possible that the SAPD too Fiala seriousl?

It will be interesting if the Space Commander and Fiala end up using the same tactic? Will that mean that they are working together now? The horror! What an embarrassment! I hope Fiala isn’t teaching the Space Commander how to beat his wife.

So is the Space Commander’s phone number that hard to find? I found his personal email address at this link. I found his website at this link. I found his personal bio info at this link. I found a county document that includes an organization chart that shows us that the Space Commander is nothing more than a middle manager. And you can easily find the Space Commander on Yahoo People Search, by searching for “Carlos Bustamante.” Maybe the Space Commander will go after Yahoo?

So folks can find the Space Commander if they want to. It is certainly not a criminal matter. But if Carlos wants the OJ bloggers to hit the AP wire again, then he ought to consider filing a ridiculous complaint with the SAPD. What a waste of police resources that would be!

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