Has Joe Dunn set his sights on the Santa Ana City Council?

Santa Ana Councilman Joe Dunn. That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? My sources are telling me that former State Senator Joe Dunn is no longer considering a run for the O.C. Board of Supervisors. Instead, he is now looking at running for Ward 3 on the Santa Ana City Council, against Councilman Carlos “Space Commander.”

Apparently Dunn is worried that Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez, who is also thought to be running next year for the First Supervisorial District, will take enough Democratic votes away from him to cause them both to miss out on a possible runoff election. In that scenario, the incumbent, Supervisor Janet Nguyen, would end up in a runoff against Trung “Photoshop” Nguyen.

But Dunn wants to keep his foot in the political door, in case Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez ends up leaving the House of Representatives in the next few years. Running for the Santa Ana Council, in what would likely be a slam dunk victory against the “Space Commander,” would allow Dunn to easily regain a political title. That title would come in handy should Dunn end up running for the 47th Congressional District in the future.

Beating the “Space Commander” would be easy for Dunn – as such it is a viable, low-risk option for him, as compared to a Supervisorial race that could spell the end of his political career. And the part-time Council position would allow Dunn to keep his job as CEO of the California Medical Association. That job pays him a half million a year. That salary would allow Dunn to fund his own campaign against the “Space Commander.”

And, if Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido somehow ends up being appointed as Ambassador to Mexico, after Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. Presidency next year, Dunn will be in a great position to become the next Mayor of Santa Ana.

A Dunn council victory would be a thunderbolt to the rest of the Santa Ana City Council. He would be a natural ally to Councilwoman Michele Martinez. I could see them setting up a new progressive board majority with Councilmen David Benavides and Vince Sarmiento.

Sal Tinajero would be left on the outside looking in. And if we beat the “Give Claudia Alvarez 4 More Years” Term Limits measure in February, it is likely that Irene Ibarra will take her ward next year. She would become part of the new Dunn majority in a heartbeat.

I spoke to about half a dozen Democratic party activists today. Every single one was thrilled to hear that Dunn is thinking of taking out the last Republican on the Santa Ana City Council. Maybe Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante can get another part-time job after he gets the boot from the City Council as a security guard at the Bowers Museum? I’m sure they will find a spot for their board member.

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