Global warming solution – hold your breath?

Earlier today I received the following Orange Punch post from Mark Landsbaum that is fun and informative. Let me preface my post by saying that I think of “numbers” as a network TV program that my wife and I watch.

Remove equivalent of 1 million SUVs – hold your breath

November 13th, 2007. posted by Mark Landsbaum

Someone might want to check the math on this. We worked it up in a hurry.

But if it’s accurate, we’ve struck on a painless, cost-free way to reduce greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. It’s the equivalent of removing a million SUVs from the road!

Track with us here:

Each human exhales .001837186 ounces of CO2 per breath
Each human takes 17,280 breaths a day, based on 12 breaths a minute
Each human exhales 1.98416 pounds of CO2 a day at 12 breaths a minute
Each human exhales 724 pounds of CO2 a year If we reduce our breathing from 12 breaths a minute to 11 the savings will be . . .

525,600 breaths saved a year
966 ounces of CO2 saved a year per person If we all work together . . .

301,139,947 – the U.S. population
9,087,130 tons – the amount of CO2 we can save if everyone in the US reduces from 12 to 11 breaths a minute Which is significant because . . .

9 tons – the amount of CO2 created a year from one SUV logging 12,000 miles
1,004,858 – the number SUVs to generate same tonnage saved if everyone breathed 11 times rather than 12 a minute.

LG Comment. While this may be one solution, don’t hold your breath waiting for the government to address this high profile debate.

Special thanks to Mark for sending me a copy of his Orange Punch blog post.

Juice readers. How large is the global warming issue on your list of national concerns? Is it in your top ten? i.e. the war in Iraq, Universal healthcare, Homeland Security, stopping the flow of illegal immigration, reliance on OPEC members for energy, privatize Social Security, tax cuts, legalized abortion, size of government and the budget deficit, traditional marriage and stem cell research. Option: global warming.

Are you familiar with the 1997 U.N. Kyoto accord? This agreement was drafted to reduce greenhouse gases caused by air pollution. Some argue that this alleged problem may not even exist. As of now the U.S. has refused to sign this pact.

Both President Bill Clinton and George W Bush have refused to sign on.

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