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A friend of mine, who is a planner, didn’t like my recent post about the last Santa Ana Housing & Redevelopment meeting. In that meeting, Planning Manager Karen Haluza gave the Housing & Redevelopment city commissioners, and the members of the public who were there, a presentation regarding the City’s Renaissance Plan.

Haluza used the phrase “getting people out of their cars” more than once as justification for much of the plan. I am not comfortable with the notion of “getting people out of their cars.” That is not, in my opinion, the job of our government.

When it comes to transportation, I believe that the government should step in and provide options, primarily for those without the means to get around on their own. Planners, however, do not look at us as individuals. They look at us as colored dots meant to be pushed and prodded around.

But is that really what planners think of us? I decided to look for more information. I found the American Planning Association. But they don’t let you access information unless you sign in. So I did. Only to find out you have to be a member to access their information. Deep sigh.

So I resorted to google.com. And I was referred back to the American Planning Association, but this time I found a page accessible to the public. And at last I found an article about “What is Planning?” Here is an excerpt from that page:

A city planner

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