Look at me….I’m a politician!

Today’s Buzz, by Marty Wisckol in the OC Register revealed that
newly elected Supervisor Janet Nguyen has received the endorsement
of the OC Lincoln Club. Having never received the endorsement of
the Lincoln we want to make it clear..we address this issue purely
from a position of neutrality. What we can say is that Mike
Capaldi has always appeared more like a Democrat than a Republican
to us. He always was willing to negotiate or compromise when it
came to vital issues. So, when you are a “born pragmatist” we
guess that does count for something!

Janet seems to be falling into that same category by accepting
the Lincoln Club endorsement. We guess even when you sign up
as a Republican….you do have to take sides a bunch just to
find your own laity! In ths case, State Assemblyman Van Tran
is on one side with Mike Schroeder and Scott Baugh. The other
side includes Lincoln Club President Rich Wagner and Mike Capaldi.

Going against the center, or the mainstream and running to the
left of center for cover or votes seems rather – unsettling. It
is of course a problem when candidates for office disaffect from
both sides. The money dries up faster than shooting spray paint
on the sidewalk on a sunny day in summer. We are pretty familiar
with that position so our hearts go out to Supervisor Janet. The
problem is – what has she given up for that endorsement and when
will the pay-off come?

Petty politics aside, Supervisor Janet won the last election by
just three votes. Not exactly a mandate, yet as we follow her
career, we do find that most of her decisions have been innovative,
timely and caring – with the exception of her lack of courage
in supporting Supervisor Moorlach’s motion to strip Chris Street
of his Investment powers! Oh well, that may not be a “deal
breaker” either way. In the meantime, Supervisor Janet has been
put on the “watch list” to see how the Lincoln Club endorsement
affects her voting and policy judgements.

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