Flouride in the water?

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has
decided in its wisdom to add Fluoride to the So. Cal water
supply. How much? For how long? Why? When?

Jon Roth, Executive Director of the California Dental Assn.
Foundation (whoever they are!) said: “It’s strange how the
scare tactics have changed over the past 50 years. Of course,
the overwhelming evidence says that it’s safe and effective.
The argument against fluoridation in the 50’s that it was a
communist plot!”

The result is that the MWD is going to add Fluoride whether
people want it or not. There are reasons but certainly not
because of any communist plot. No UFO’s, No surreptitious
desire to spend government’s money! No the MWD is adding a
molecule that is smaller than water itself. They are adding
it because as the amount of Reclaimed water rises in our
water supply….it becomes more and more necessary to kill so
called “suspended viruses” that no filter, no sunlight, no
other chemical that evaporates can do. Fluoride….the wonder
drug for poisoned wells in Texas during the 50’s. Fluoride,
the so-called wonder drug that pitted teeth and browns the
teeth of babies years later.

The paid off Newspaper Editors are busy out there flaunting the
joys of Fluoride and the benefits of stronger teeth. Not for
babies of course. Not for those with gum problems, not for those
that with dietary issues! Remember DDT? Remember Formaldehyde?
Malathion? Methyl Bromide? Remember, remember? How about the
truth? Yes, we are running out of water big time! Yes, we are
being forced to use more and more Reclaimed/Toilet/Sewage Water
mixed with the paltry water supply we do have. Hey, it’s just
another medical benefit ….to add fluoride…for stronger teeth
and bones! Right! Probably worth further documentation and more
study! We study everything…why not Fluoride in the water?

Anything with Fluoride or a derivative of fluoride is questionable.
But hey, what do people know that simply Google the word and find
out for themselves. After all, would the California Dental Assn.
Foundation lie to us? Come on, we must be alarmists! Come on,
we must just be trying to make trouble where there is none! No,
we want our government, Federal, State, County and Cities to make
darn sure that there will be no harmful effects on our population.
How irresponsible is that? Does it cause lowered IQ, brown teeth
on babies that ingest it, pitting in the teeth of adults? Hey,
before we jump off the boat…why don’t we find out if we can swim

The expert opinion better be coming from the top of the food chain
for us to believe the rhetoric of our local “water dudes” and local
or self advancing water power groups. It’s time to check the weather
reports for the next three months before we take down the convertible
top….when the mechanism to put it back up may not work! We have to
at least praise the Newport Beach City Council and others in So. Cal
for stepping up to the plate in asking for a delay. As usual, they
start Monday (tomorrow!)with phased water fluoridation at it’s Deimer
Treatment Facility in Yorba Linda. Newport gets 18% of its water from
that facility! How much of Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa,
Fountain Valley and others will be fluoridated and when?

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