Janet supports the Quiet Zones in Santa Ana – Pulido doesn’t

Santa Ana residents are still in shock over Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s vote AGAINST the Quiet Zones/ Pulido had previously told Park Santiago neighbors he would support the Quiet Zones.

I wrote about this several weeks ago. The Quiet Zones actually make railroad crossings safer, as currently train conductors have no other recourse but to blast their horns, waking up residents in the wee hours. Quiet Zone alterations add safety improvements to the intersections that prevent cars from trying to cross when a train is coming.

But Pulido voted no, even though 88% of the cost would be borne by the OCTA. He just didn’t want to pay for the 12% balance. Maybe if he wasn’t overpaying city administrators he could come up with the 12%.

Now, O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen has joined the fray, in her latest newsletter. She addresses the Quiet Zone issue and makes it clear that unlike Pulido, she definitely supports installing Quiet Zones in Santa Ana. Here are her comments:

Quieter Railroad Crossings Coming to Santa Ana

By O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen

Over the past several years noise concerns have been a major issue for Santa Ana residents living in the vicinity of railroad tracks. As your County Supervisor, I also serve as director for the Orange County Transportation Authority and as a member of the Transit Planning and Operations Committee for the OCTA. I am proud to announce that progress is being made to reduce the noise levels at train crossings in Santa Ana.

On August 27th, the OCTA gave the final approval needed to begin the project that will make quiet zone improvements at fifty-three rail-highway crossings in Orange County. These improvements include adding median barriers, bigger lights and the installation of gates on both sides of crossings so that cars will not be able to drive around them.

I am pleased to announce that Santa Ana will be a beneficiary of this project. With improvements planned for ten separate crossings within the city limits, Santa Ana residents will soon see progress being made in reducing noise in crossing areas.

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