Impeach Bush in Surf City?

One of the anti-war protesters I met yesterday sent me a subsequent email about an effort underway in the City of Huntington Beach to impeach President George W. Bush.

Apparently they are going to ask their City Council, at the next meeting on September 4, to move to impeach Bush.

Their strategy appears to be force an end to the war in Iraq by impeaching Bush.

I don’t know much about the Huntington Beach City Council, but I would imagine it is mostly made up of Republicans. I am not sure they will be very warm to this idea, but it should be interesting to see how they react.

There is a website devoted to the impeachment effort. Apparently the effort involves various groups of anti-war protesters throughout Orange County, including several friends of mine.

The next organizing meeting of the Huntington Beach group is on Sunday, Sep. 9 @ 4 PM at Farguhar Park, 898 12th St. (Lake and Crest St.) 1/2 mile from downtown H.B. You can join their yahoogroup at this link.

I had no idea the local anti-war effort was this organized. In fact, when I tried to organize a counter-protest to the hunger strike at Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’ office emails were blasted all over Orange County telling fellow anti-war protesters about my actions. A friend sent me a copy of one of the emails. Let’s just say they were pretty tweaked at me!

My theory is that since the Democrats cannot win in most of Orange County, the more liberal activists spend their time getting involved in protest activities. But yesterday’s press conference at Sanchez’ office attracted only two quasi-media people – me and my co-blogger, Claudio Gallegos. (I even brought my Orange Juice press pass!).

Since the O.C. Register can’t be bothered to cover these events, I told the anti-war protesters to keep me posted and I will try to post about their activities here at the Orange Juice.

I don’t necessarily agree with all of their notions or tactics, but having met them yesterday I can attest to their dedication and passion for what they believe in. That ought to count for something.

Besides, I voted for Bush twice, and he has to be the worst president in recent times. I don’t know if City Councils have any interest in passing impeachment motions, but at the very least they can declare a “Bush is a real turkey” day.

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