Harald Martin leading in O.C. Register poll

The O.C. Register is conducting a poll about deposed AUHSD Trustee Harald Martin, and the bad guys are winning.

You can see the early results on the left. If you click on the graphic, you will go right to the poll.

The poll asks the question, “What should resigning Anaheim Union High School trustee Harald Martin do now? The only correct answer should be the last one – “Stay away from the district.”

It is obvious that the Minuteman crowd, which loves their fellow racist, Martin, is voting and the rest of us are not.

Note by the way the link on the bottom of the graphic. The Register is conducting this poll just so they can send the Minutemen to their Immigration Blog.

Once again the O.C. Register is supporting anti-Mexicans – just days after their columnist, Gordon Dillow, wrote a column praising Martin. What a joke. If you have not yet canceled your Register subscription, now would be a good time to do it.

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