Time to come clean with the American people!

This has been a very odd year for politics, for sports, for our
society and for values! Name calling has seemed to lead the charge
against various political personalities – have you noticed? First
off, name calling is the lowest form of conversation next to discussing
years of childhood memories! Name calling diminishes the dialogue, it
cuts people off from discussing the facts and in many cases is purely
designed to obfuscate the realities of the issue or personality.

Frustration is another bad one when it comes to the discussion of
various political issues. Money seems to be the root of most of these
frustrations…but then various ideologue contentions also seem to
meet the basic diminution of viable open, enlightened discussion and
search for wisdom.

Michael Vick decided to come clean finally, when faced with more
overwhelming evidence and turncoats in his organization and will
plead guilty to Dog Fighting charges on Monday. Vick was more than
willing to show everyone in both Georgia and the United States that
his celebrity made him Above The Law. Marijuana on the Commercial
Airline flight, the raised finger in the air, the $130 million dollar
contract….Michael Vick joins the likes of Pac Man Jones, Paris
Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and a raft of other celebrities that haven’t
yet faced the music or are just plain unlucky. He is facing a 18
month sentence in the State or Federal pen! Hardly enough for the
grievous, brutal conduct in the world of Dog Fighting. Hey, if
Mike Vick was a “moonshiner” or “tow truck driver” somewhere in
the Blue Ridge Mountains….you might even find the entire event…
a non event. But Mike Vick represents the NFL…America’s game
greater than Baseball. Michael Vick represents the 3000 players and
coaches that love the game, plus the thousand of college coaches, high
school coaches and players and the moms and dads that let their kids
put their physical health at risk …. to play the game! Michael Vick
raised his finger to every one of these people…plus the millions of
fans….animal lovers throughout the world and every kid that looks
to Sports Heroes for ways out of the ghetto or into a sports world of
excellence and caring.

NFL Charities has spent sent the merger in 1960 literally millions and
millions of dollars to go to local communities and help the kids and
residents do better in life. Michael Vick has ruined what has taken
nearly 50 years to create. No signs or devotion of contrition can take
that back. Michael Vick should get five years in the Federal Pen…a
lifetime ban from all phases of the NFL…to include Coaching, Playing
or Ownership. Michael Vick should donate a minimum of $2 million
dollars to PETA or other National Pet Organizations like the Humane
Society. He should be required to serve 10 years of Community Service
in defense of all types of animals.

But why do we believe this strident approach is necessary? Sending the
message to Politicians, Celebrities and Sports related personalities –
all need to understand they are all given “special privileges” and
desperately need to understand the “responsibilities” that go with them.
Paris Hilton has started to get the message because her Grandfather
has cut back what she might get from his estate! Taking away the money
and position of Congressman Duke Cunningham, stripping away his epaulets
and virtually shaming these person forever – along with going to jail
also was an Italian Message: Anyone, hero or pauper can be caught and
sent to jail.

We implore Judges in this society to be fair, just and honest in their
dealings with these Societal Super Stars! Those same decisions should
be implemented even for the Judges themselves. For without a “rule of
law that works for all”…we will have chaos and tumult. That old
frustration factor will raise its ugly head and it will go from “name
calling” to physical harm to anarchy!

The NBA needs to reveal the 20 Refs that gamble. The NBA needs to fire
the 20 Refs that gamble. The NFL needs a “zero tolerance” provision for
all felony convictions! The NFL needs a “zero tolerance” provision for
anyone convicted of “drug or physical attack issues”. The Congress needs
a “Zero Tolerance” provision for all Unethical Pay-offs to their members.

So, we say finally…make those with the privileges and money accountable.
If they don’t know their responsibilities or don’t care…either way we
need to firmly remind them! Not for us…but for society as we know it!

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