"Irvine is told it MUST add 35,600 homes" LA Times

Whatever happened to property rights in this country? It’s bad enough fighting off eminent domain takings for the past 10 years only to open the California Section of today’s LA Times to see the above the fold headline. “Irvine is told it MUST add 35,600 homes.”Note: Emphasis added by me. I cannot find anything in my US or CA Constitution that mentions an organization named SCAG, which has the power to tell us what cities must do to satisfy them. SCAG, the Southern CA Assn. of Governments, needs to be challenged. In the article it states that “about 40 percent of the 700,0000 new homes slated for the southern Californian area must be designated as intended for low-income or very low income families according to the plan.”So for those who are not in either of these categories, and purchase any of these new homes, you will be subsidizing these classes by paying higher prices. The builder is surely not going to take a reduction in his or her profit margins and eat the difference.

And you think they have a problem in Anaheim with the Disneyland private property owner land usage debate.

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