Bowers director flew to China 54 times!

I came across a new O.C. blog this evening, called Politics Done Right. They have broken an amazing story regarding one of my favorite punching bags, the Bowers Museum.

Apparently Dr. Peter Keller, the overpaid director of the Bowers, has visited China 54 TIMES. According to the post in question, the reason for the trips was Keller’s “attempt to secure the rights to Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Terra Cotta Army.”

54 visits to China?!? I guess the Bowers can afford that since Santa Ana taxpayers pay for all of its operations, to the tune of $2 million a year. Unbelievable!

Well, Keller got his clay army, but as the post put it, “while the city owns the Bowers museum and the land that it sits on, it will charge residents $20 to $22 for and adult ticket to see the Warriors.”

I wonder if Keller realizes how much damage he did to the ozone with all those plane trips?

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