Is Jubal the Tooth Fairy?

State Senator Lou Correa’s bill to stop OC GOP voter registration fraud, S.B. 812, inspired my co-blogger, Claudio Gallegos, to postulate that the OC GOP could not in fact register voters without paying massive bounties. That sentiment, and others, led Jubal/Matt Cunningham, of Red County/OC Blog, to write that, “…I’m the Tooth Fairy.”

I of course did not believe Cunningham, but our crack team of pajaritos got on the investigative trail…and lo and behold we found the enclosed picture.

I guess the Reeps have to develop alternative talents now that Bush is on the way out of the White House…especially here in California, where the Reeps are only able to win behind moderates like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Poizner. What’s a conservative like Cunningham to do?

Deal in teeth I guess… Really, it is a pretty capitalistic venture. But what in the world does he do with all those teeth?

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