Coursening of the Left – Major Media

Hitting the mute button for more than a sponsor
break on the Sunday morning news shows is getting
easier and easier to do. This week in particular
was senseless self flagellation. All the usual
suspects showed up with their meaningless and
baseless messages: (1) Michael Bloomberg is a
major threat win because he has $5 billion dollars.
(2) Hillary and Obama are real heroes of American
politics and (3) The Republicans can’t find two
people that like them anymore!

Taking this nonsense in order: (1) Tiny Tot Bloomberg
as an Undisclosed DTS voter…will need to create
another Ross Perot type “Stand by and Deliver Party”
across the entire United States. Possible? Well,
how about a 10 to 1 shot….of qualifying in 40 states?
Ralph Nader will be bashing and co-opting most of those
disaffected DTS voters right along the way. (2) Hillary
and Obama on the ticket for the Dems will have to rely
on Soprano’s re-runs to stay in the game. The one we
liked best was entitled “Pine Barrens”. That was one
where Paulie and Chris chase the ex-KGB Special Forces
guy through the woods and get lost! Their re-run of
Hillary Health Care – is not going to cut it. Their
middle of the road attitude on the War on Terror is not
going to cut it and their missing in action attitude on
illegal immigration put them on the other side of the
moon philosophically. Finally, the misrepresentation
that the Republicans are not on the same page and have
no base except three dis-spirted Christian Fundamentalist
in South Carolina.

It was great to see all three major Media outlets starting
with Tim Russert on NBC, Bob Scheffer on CBS and Georgy
Porrgy on ABC work their magic. Even Fox News was off the
track except for Bill Kristol who we hardly ever agree with
regarding issues – that was about Campaign Finance Reform
that allow people like Bloomberg to buy into elections and
leaves out people like Colin Powell…who has to do the
Chicken Dinner run for $2300 seats each. This week was so
bad that it in fact may have been our last look at Major
Media. It was so offensive and duplicitous that we had
to hit that mute button….over and over again! Let’s face
it…it is normal to be upset when people say things that
don’t agree with your position…..but this time it was
way over the top. Congratulations Major Media….you are
driving us back to the Newspapers! The Tribune Company
should be glad to hear that! All the rest, probably think
they are doing a real good job..and that is why their
subscription rates haven’t fallen in the second quarter!

When the (so-called) Moderate Left of Hillary and Obama
have to rely on retro-cutezy advertisements…..that memic
the Soprano’s….we keep wanting them to return further to
the good old days of “I love Lucy!” How about the “Life
of Riley”? Or better yet: “Everybody Loves Hillary!” We
want Hillary and Michael Bloomberg! We could call it:
“Twins”! Bill should be in the ad too…of course!

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