Amnesty. Not a new story. See what Gary L. Bauer had to say about President Bush

In cleaning out some of my files today I came across a letter that is worth discussing. The first or second biggest story of this season is the debate of “Amnesty for some illegal immigrants.”

The title of the email that I received reads: A Sad Vote

“The ill conceived amnesty for some illegal immigrants passed the House last night. Voting for the bill were 182 ‘Clinton Democrats’ and 92 Republicans. Voting against it were 13 Democrats and 123 Republicans. I salute those 123 members of my party who withstood the intense lobbying campaign of the White House. They put the rule of law first and they will likely pay a price for voting against the administration……”
Note: I deleted a reference to the actual voting.

I pray every day for the President’s success, but he was terribly wrong on this issue. House members reported that they were deluged with calls urging a ‘No’ vote–thanks to you and thousands of others who took action. One conservative representative said, ‘We’re a nation at war. To move forward with this in wartime sends the wrong message, especially to those who try to play by the rules.’

The political ‘experts’ in the Republican Party think legislation like this will help Republicans win the Hispanic vote. They are wrong. The liberal Democrats are already pushing to make this six-month amnesty extension permanent. The way to win Hispanic votes is to go to them with a conservative agenda of lower taxes, safe streets, and respect for the sanctity of life and marriage.”

Dated Wednesday March 13, 2002 Gary L. Bauer, Chairman CWF

You have to wonder how many Republican seats were lost in the off-year election by those who opposed the president’s arm twisting as indicated above.

One thing that the above letter confirms is that President Bush has been consistent in his desire to see an amnesty in place before he departs from Pennsylvania Avenue.

As the print and broadcast media has it’s share of opinions on this topic, and we see numerous “talking heads” on the tube, perhaps Juice readers will weigh in with your “plan” to resolve this very tough immigration Policy challenge.

And in closing. Let me join the other “Juice” bloggers in thanking each of you for our recognition as one California’s top ten “Most Influential Political Blogs.” Without your feedback and comments this award may not have been received.

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