O.C. Political "Chismes"

Pajaritos are chirping about former State Senator Joe Dunn. Apparently he has told all the local union bigwigs that he is going to run for the O.C. Board of Supervisors against First District Supervisor Janet Nguyen…and against Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez.

Poor Claudia. She will have zero chance against Dunn. She allowed Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido to trick her into running for Supervisor so she wouldn’t take him on for the Mayor’s office. That was a race she could have won. Instead she will lose big to Dunn and her political career will be over.

Nguyen will have her hands full in the interim trying to do her job while also keeping herself out in the public eye. She will have a tough race on her hands against Dunn. And the female vote will be split with Alvarez in the race. If another Vietnamese candidate were to file, it would be that much tougher for Nguyen to prevail. However, if more men file for the seat, they will bite into Dunn’s share. It should be an interesting race.

Speaking of Nguyen, Total Buzz is reporting that her old nemesis, Assemblyman Van Tran, still has it in for her. Apparently Nguyen has been trying to reach out to Tran but he keeps canceling their meetings. So her chief of staff told Total Buzz reporter to call OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh to verify the story. However Baugh threw Nguyen under the bus by telling Wisckol that Nguyen canceled the only meeting that was set up with Tran to date.

Who to believe? I don’t believe anything that comes out of Tran’s mouth – and Baugh is unable to stand up to Tran’s ally, Mike Schroeder. I’m going with Nguyen’s version of the slight until she tells me otherwise.

Beats me why Wisckol always seems to side with the Trannies.

Apparently former O.C. Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Levin left a lot of angry Democrats in his wake – and the only people who lauded his brief reign were the Reeps over at Red County/OC Blog. He won’t be missed by most O.C. Democratic activists.

Another day, another shooting. This time a 20 year old man was shot in Santa Ana, early this morning, according to the O.C. Register.

Here is a depressing fact from the San Francisco Chronicle, our state prison budget is now set to surpass our state college budget. Nice.

According to the Chronicle, “Under a new state law, California will spend $7.4 billion to build 40,000 new prison beds, and that is over and above the current annual operating budget of more than $10 billion. Interest payments alone on the billions of dollars of bonds that will be sold to finance the new construction will amount to $330 million a year by 2011 — all money that will not be available for higher education or other state priorities.”

Good job Assemblyman Jose Solorio! Not.

I received a friendly welcome email today from an organization I just joined:

Dear Art: Thank you for your decision to stand up for freedom by joining the American Civil Liberties Union. Through the years, the key to our success and our greatest source of strength has always been the support of ACLU members who understand our freedoms can never be taken for granted – they must be vigorously defended or they will surely be lost. Look for your ACLU membership card in the mail and please consider asking your friends to join with you in supporting our work. I am glad to know that you share our commitment to defending freedom. I pledge to you the best efforts of everyone at the ACLU as we work together to protect liberty. Sincerely, Anthony D. Romero Executive Director American Civil Liberties Union 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004-2400

Last word:
A very distinguished moderate Latino Republican is thinking of moving back to the O.C. His family was involved in the civil rights movement and actually set major education precedents before the Mendez family did. He just might be interested in running for the 69th Assembly District. Looks like Solorio might have a fight on his hands after all…

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