Eye on Santa Ana

Orange Juice blogger Thomas Gordon was at the City of Santa Ana‘s basketball Exhibition game yesterday. He reports that Councilwoman Michele Martinez was the high scorer. Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s team prevailed however over Martinez’ squad. However, Pulido showed up and played in a collared shirt – which might be the dorkiest thing I have ever heard of.

Santa Ana School Board member John Palacio got injured before the game even started. Apparently he pulled something while carrying in a water cooler, or something to that effect. I am told that he is now using crutches while he heals up. Get well soon John!

Fellow Orange juice blogger Sean Mill suited up and, according to Gordon, he got flattened in one questionable play, possibly by Councilman Vince Sarmiento. Mill didn’t get the expected foul call!
Here are the rosters of those who played in the game:

Nutrition Team- White Shirts
Claudia Alvarez- Mayor Pro- Tem- Guard
Michele Martinez, Council Member- Guard
Vincent Sarmiento, Council Member- Guard
John Palacio- School Board member- Forward
Joe Yanes- Community Leader-Center
Jorge Galdamez M.D.

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