Romney gushes about Hitler’s energy program

The O.C. Republicans have a tendency to step in it from time to time – and it looks like they have done it again. Most of the O.C. GOP leadership is backing Mitt Romney for President – and press reports today are ripping him for a series of ridiculous statements that culminated with his latest gaffe in which he appeared to admire Adolf Hitler.

According to the New York Sun, Romney was giving a speech to the Northern Virginia Technology Council, when he said:

“I’m afraid building a nuclear power plant in our country today would require us first to hire the French to show us how to do it because they’ve been building ’em and we haven’t,” Mr. Romney said in response to a question about energy policy during his talk, as captured on video by the Washington Post’s politics Web log.

So far, so good. But he kept going. “Liquefied coal, gosh. Hitler during the Second World War

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